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Christmas Lunch 2021
Thank you to everyone who attended our annual Christmas lunch on Saturday, 11 December at The Alberton Hotel. Listeners, members and presenters met for raffle prizes, camaraderie and entertainment!

Subscriber Drive | 4-11 October 2020
WOWfm’s first Subscriber Drive was a fantastic week filled with fun promotions to encourage new members and subscribers to join the station.

The week’s grand finale included a FREE sausage sizzle from noon – 2 pm on Sunday the 11th in appreciation of all our subscribers and members. Taking place right outside the station, we were pleased to meet more than a hundred listeners!

Live from the Big Shed Brewery!
As part of our inaugural Subscriber Week, Generation Xtra partnered with The Big Shed Brewing Concern for a live broadcast. Great music, great food and even better beer!
Saturday, 10 October from 6-8 pm.

Rhymes for Change, the third event in the Rhymes for Radio series, took place on Friday, 11 September.

While it continued to feature local performances by a generous and talented group of hip-hop and rap musicians; this time they the funds they raised were donated to MOSH Australia – an organisation focused on reducing the devastating effects of suicide on our community.

Our second Rhymes for Radio show took place on 4 July, raising nearly $700 for WOWfm! Kudos to our own Craig Phillipsmith (host of Out of Tune) for creating and managing this series.

We also thank all the incredible artists who performed , Lyrest, Skoobz&ID, Frankie_D, DEC, Kirby-Music, Iggs, Lex Nevill, PetNico, Holas May, Mythz, Sonz of Serpent and Stefan Rossi. Additional thanks to The Little Red Door for hosting us again.

Pictured: back row (L-R) Craig Phillipsmith, Frankie_D, Lex Nevill, Stefan Rossi, Kirby, Dec, Skoobz1 & Yowie. Middle row, Native Son. Front row (L-R) Holas May, Anthony Sims, Sam Paul, Native Emcee. Absent from photo are Lyrest, ID, Mythz, Pet Nico and Iggs.

Our inaugural event out at the Fisherman’s Wharf Market was 8 March which coincided with the artists finishing their art for Wonderwalls. Next to Danny’s Donuts, it was a gorgeous day. We easily ran out of our entire supply of lollies and WOWfm stickers.

Welcome to our brand new members and subscribers: Rob, Sam, Terry, Mike, Josie, Maria, Serena, Daniela and Mark.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a new brochure, program guide and bumper stickers!

Pictured: WOWfm presenters Brett and Steve with marketing volunteer Tricia outside the Fisherman’s Wharf Market in Port Adelaide.

WOWfm hosted a screening of the film The Invisible Man at the Odeon Star Cinema in Semaphore on 1 March. Starting with pre-movie nibbles, listeners had an opportunity to meet and greet with other fans of the station as well as several presenters.

What a thrilling way to end the weekend. Huge thanks to our director of fundraising, Kaye, for putting this event together for our listeners!

Movie-goers enjoying pre-movie nibbles and meeting WOWfm presenters.

Rhymes for Radio was our first fundraising event of 2020, taking place on 8 February. Presented by WOWfm’s Out of Tune (Craig Phillipsmith) and Homebrewed (Anthony Sims) and held at the Little Red Door, this night brought together six exceptional local musicians whose music covered alternative, hip-hop, electronic and rap.

The artists included Sacred Albino, Cyex, Champi, Frankie D, Jack Vaul and Legacy.
Thanks for a great night!

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