If you are interested in becoming a presenter WOW FM offers a presenter induction course which provides potential presenters with the basic knowledge and practical skills to present a live to air radio program on WOW FM.

Training is non-accredited and covers topics such as: 

  • Codes of practice. 
  • Legalities of broadcasting. 
  • Organisational rules & regulations. 
  • Health, safety and security. 
  • Developing a radio program. 
  • Practical use of studio equipment. 


The induction course takes place over 2 x 3 hour sessions in small groups and includes an overview of community broadcasting law and regulation, WOW FM procedures, and program construction.
Training then consists of individual studio practice and mentoring towards a live studio assessment.

Courses take place at regular intervals throughout the year depending on numbers of participants.
Courses are $40 or $20 concession payable and receipted on the day. 

One of our studios.

The steps to becoming a presenter are

  1. Become a financial member of WOW FM (Way Out West Broadcasters Inc.)
  2. Submit a “Expression of Interest Radio Presenter” form to the Training Director who will then advise you of the next available training course.
  3. Complete the training course and assessments.
  4. Submit a program proposal to the Programming Director for consideration.

Please note: Completion of training does not guarantee you will be offered a presenter position. It is dependent on availability of a suitable time slot and whether the proposed program meets the direction of the station.

More Information

For information about training, email:

Download the Presenter Expression of Interest Form
Scan and email to or mail to:

ATT: Training Director 
P.O. Box 96