Honouring ANZAC Day this year will be a challenge! While we may not be able to buy the regular poppy items or attend a dawn service, there are still a couple of ways to celebrate and acknowledge the sacrifice of our ANZAC heroes.

One of our community members provided this great idea: put a poppy in the window of your home.

We’ve provided a few options for you to download and print. Click on any of the links below for a full-colour version or a drawn version you can fill in.

Don’t have a printer? Use the drawn versions to inspire a self-made poppy that you sketch, paint, cut, sew, or get creative in some other way.

Feel free to send a picture of your poppy to info@wowfm.org, and we’ll include it in our next newsletter to share with other WOW listeners!

Our community is special; our people are amazing. Thank you for showing your support!

Full-colour Poppies to Print
(click on the name to open a new window and save/download)

Drawn Poppies to Fill In
(click on the name to open a new window and save/download)

You can find even more patterns by clicking on this link:

Did you know?

Rosemary is also traditionally used to commemorate ANZAC Day. You could extend your creativity to incorporate a sprig of rosemary into your design or even make a wreath out of rosemary.